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The Remikey : Search for the Twins

The Remikey : Search for the Twins

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Keyword-Optionen: Adventure 
Sprache:Deutsche, English
Veröffentlichung Stadt / Land:United States
Ursprüngliches Format:Paperback 380 Seiten. 152.4x 226.06x 27.94mm| 136.08g
3.9 von 5 Sternen (Stimmen: 2376)
Outskirts Press
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13 Jan 2015
11 NOV 2019
These days everyone is pressed for time. And with gas prices, a trip to the store may be a little out of reach. And if you're like me, when you get the chance to be home, you just want to be home. So extra trips out may not fit your schedule or is something you just don't feel like doing. Social networking has helped eliminate a lot of those problems. And for a lot of those who like to spend their downtime or self time away from all commotion and alone, entertainment can be controlled and accessed right at your fingertips. And those who seek suspense with exciting action and adventure along with drama, THE REMIKEY, Search For The Twins is perfect for you. It is a story about two king brothers, whose natural abilities exceed mostly all others. During their rule of the kingdom of Saiyon, Kula's (the youngest king brother) infant twins are taken by the evil menace Zyrcus. Zyrcus and his evil doers The League of Death destroy the The Kings. Kingdom Saiyon and all they can. Knowing that the king brothers cannot be defeated. Zyrcus knew that the twin's abilities would eventually exceed their fathers and uncles. This would make them unstoppable and him the most powerful person in the world if he controlled them. Zyrcus knew that he had to train the twins and keep them from their father in order to contain control as they grew up. Only when the twins were old enough would he (Zyrcus) and The League of Death stand a chance against the angry vengeful father and uncle. Zyrcus knew he had to stay in hiding until the time was right. The king brothers, searched, along with family and friends who devoted their time, energy, life, and loyalty to the king brothers and finding the twins. The search however, would not see promising and present many dangers along the journey. So come take the journey with me to see if the King Brothers find the twins in time. If so, what happens to Zyrcus and the League of Death? But if not what does Zyrcus have in store for the King Brot

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